31abc is an innovative English teaching company
established in Shanghai, China.
The demands for ESL education of children are increasingly growing, while busy parents are eager to seek a solution which offers peace of mind while providing their children effective training. With online teaching programs, we surpass geographical barriers and save time, cost, and hassle of commuting for the kids, parents, and coaches.

Our target is to help train 4 - 12 years old Chinese children to become successful, effective English communicators. Our group learning model also gives children a dynamic, interesting, and interactive learning experience. Our program integrates gaming principles with ESL practice, powered by a native speaker like you!
By 2025, we want to develop an online education brand name that is widely known and trusted, through the creation of a language training system that is both effective and engaging, allowing us to train a million children to become successful and confident international communicators.
Children First
This is our attitude towards our customers. We will be sensitive to children's needs, feelings and their empowerment. We believe that if we fail even 1% at our job, children will suffer 100% for it.
Joyful Optimism
We believe that joy can be pursued with intentionality and effort, no matter the circumstances. We will endeavor to bring ourselves, our colleagues, and children joy.
Team Collaboration
We uphold that it is through team collaboration that we will overcome challenges. Being a good team member and being willing to bear the load together is the basis of such team collaboration. There is also no tension between personal development and upholding team spirit. We will always work diligently to hone a system of work that continues to allow both.
Creative Lifelong Learners
As we pursue our ideals, the path may be thorny and full of challenges. We need to be life-long learners in order to overcome challenges—even those which have never been attempted before. Thus, we encourage creativity and lifelong learning in our program, which is set up to build the confidence of such students who will succeed under our coaches’ guidance.
How do we know we have reached our goal? When children say goodbye to “dumb” English
“Dumb” English: English which is suitable for high scores on a writing and reading test, but not suitable for oral or aural testing. Such students may not be confident when speaking with a native speaker, and may make some grammatical mistakes that they would not make when writing.
Teachers coach students through a web conference software, allowing the instructors to share their PC or tablet desktop and other educational materials with students.
The class size is one on one class for worldwide students aged from 4 to 12 years old, grouped by their English as a Second Language levels. Each class lasts for 28 minutes, and count as half-hour lessons in regards to coaches’ salaries. Class times in North America are in the morning before traditional work hours. Coaches define their availabilities by choosing time slots of 0.5-4 hours a day Monday-Saturday. You can create your own schedule, from 6 to 10 PM Beijing Time (12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time).
There are also other bonuses, like students enrollment bonus, referral bonus and star teacher bonus etc.
Where are we based?
31abc is based in Shanghai, China, so all of our work times are in Beijing Time. We have coaches from all over the world. Please note the time difference from where you live.
Working days?
From Monday to Saturday. You can also choose to work on Mon Wed Fri or Tue Thu Sat. Here are fixed schedule and stable students. For a stable and excellent teacher, booking rate can reach 90%-100%.
Working hours?
18:00-22:00 GMT +8 (Beijing Time).
Classes start at each half hour, so there are total 8 time slots each day.
Trial classes: 28 min/class, during one of your availabilities.
Regular classes: 28min/class, held three times a week, once every other day (for example, MWF or TTS ).
Minimum working hours: 3 days per week (MWF or TTS), 2 hours (7:00-9:00pm BJT) per day.
What are the classes like?
A trial class is given during one time slot and will help you give a first impression to our students. If they like the class you gave them, the parents may sign up their child for a regular class with you. There will usually be 1 student in each trial class.
Regular classes will provide students with a consistent coach and courseware suited to the observed level of the students.
Students will confirm the time and the coach at the beginning for the whole duration of their course. Students usually enroll for an average of 1-2 years.
How old are the students?
They are all from 4 to 12 years old.
What are the teaching materials?
The materials are designed to assess and improve students’ oral skills and build their confidence and other linguistic skills in an immersive English environment. Our courses are self-developed according to textbooks published by world top publishers based on the learning status quo of the Chinese students.
What teaching tools are we using?
We have our own teaching platform, please go to https://coach1.31abc.com/download.html to download and install this software for future online classes.
About payment?
The payment consists of a base wage and a bonus. The base wage starts from $5 per class, and the bonus rate is $2 per class(And trial class signing up bonus is $ 10 per class). And your bonus will be judged by your attendance together with Quality Control's evaluation of 31abc. Both wages and bonuses are calculated based on a 1 month period. Payments are given on the 10th of each month.
How do teachers get paid?
Teachers are paid through payoneer monthly.
What is the process before you can start teaching?
First, prospective coaches must apply and go through interviewing and a demo class together. Then, when it has been decided that the prospective coach has performed sufficiently, they may move on to the training phase which covers the use of the courseware, software, and other requirements needed to administer these classes, along with tests for each of these criteria. Once the applicant has passed this phase will he or she be welcomed into the company fully and be allowed to start teaching classes.
Who is an ideal 31abc coach?
We are searching for joyful, optimistic, eager teachers who are willing to face the difficulties of teaching English as a second language to young students who are at the prime age for learning foreign languages and linguistic skills. We are looking for applicants who have a bachelor degree and a primary focus in teaching students. Our primary focus in these classes are to build oral and aural skills, so we hope to give them the most appropriate lessons which will allow them to advance and build upon other fundamental English skills necessary for improvement in the target language.
  • Nationality: USA/Canada/UK
  • Education background: Bachelor degree or above
  • Teaching experience: Minimum 1 year
  • ESL teaching cert: TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/TKT, etc.
What are the basic requirements?
Computer requirements: Have Dingtalk and TeamViewer software downloaded;
CPU: Intel: i3-7th gen or above, i5-4th gen or above, i7-2th gen or above            AMD: A10 6th gen or above, A12 series
RAM: 8G or above
Internet speed: Download 20 Mbps; Upload 10 Mbps Click here to test.
Phone requirements: Have Dingtalk downloaded and available in order that we can contact each other.
Additionally, it is required that you find a suitable place with good lighting and nice decorations that you can use as your background for 31abc classes.
How do I apply to 31abc?
Please send your resume and intro video to hr@31abc.com. We hope that you will become one of our many 31abc coaches that guide our students to limitless possibilities.
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